Unsalted butter

The original taste of the butter, a subtle flavor, a generous cream, a delicacy of the fiber, you with the taste of the real butter.


Salted butter

The finesse of the unsalted butter, coupled with the finest salt of gemstones there is, allows to sublimate the taste of the butter.



Fleur de Sel Butter

The power of sea bed, iodized breeze, the sweetness of the flower of salt coupled with the butter.


Truffle butter

A balance, a fragrance of the truffle, the taste of butter marries the truffle, the presence of the real truffle, what else can we ask for ?!


Garlic and herbs butter

The power of the garlic and the freshness of herbs, a butler butter...



Shallot and tarragon butter

The Béarnaise, the crisp of the red shallot, the vigor of the tarragon, enhance all of the flavors.


Onion, ginger and horseradish butter

A mosaic, a crisp of the onion, the lightness of a ginger, the flexibility of a paprika and the freshness of the horseradish, the whole carried by a fresh and delicate butter.


Three seaweeds butter

The sea... the pleasure of the iodine, the finesse of seaweeds, the crisp of the leaf, all i black, red and green.


The malt of beer butter

The sweet of a dark beer, the lightnerss of the salted butter and the bitterness at the end, awakening the taste buds.